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Generator Installation Atlanta GA

If you are unsure whether to invest in generator installation in Atlanta, GA, consider this: the average home in the U.S. has at least one power outage every year, and most outages last at least eight hours. Now, consider how a reliable backup power supply can change everything when the power goes out. Instead of sitting in the dark waiting for the light to come back on, you could watch TV, cook meals, and take hot showers, all thanks to your professionally installed whole-house generator.

As Atlanta’s generator installation experts, Armstrong Specialties provides best-in-class service for residents and business owners, outfitting them with whole-house, commercial, and industrial standby power solutions.

The Many Benefits of Atlanta Generator Installation

Investing in Generac generators provides homeowners with seamless, affordable, uninterrupted power, whether the outage is due to weather, equipment failure, an accident, or any other reason. Commercial and industrial generators offer the same instant power supply on a larger scale.

Opting for a standby power solution that runs on natural gas, diesel, solar, or a combination of fuels offers several advantages over portable generators, including:

  • Quiet operation
  • Instant switchover to backup power that gets the lights back on in seconds
  • Optional accessory options, like remote controls or automatic switches
  • Safe and reliable power
  • Customizable solutions to deliver power to specific, high-priority circuits
  • Manufacturer warranties on whole-home generator brands
  • Limited business interruptions

If you already have a generator that can’t manage the building’s load or doesn’t work as well as it used to, Armstrong Specialties can help you find the ideal replacement.

The First Choice for Generator Installation in the Atlanta Metro Area

The Atlanta generator installation process begins with selecting the right generator for the building. The right size depends on the wattage it requires to operate the systems and appliances you need during an outage. You can power an entire home or office, for example, or just a few critical systems, like your HVAC unit.

Once you select the generator, professional installation by licensed and insured electricians is a must. The setup process is complex, and since many generators use natural gas, it’s illegal for non-licensed individuals to work on them. For safety and compliance with applicable building and electrical codes, leave the work to the professionals.

Armstrong Specialties has a reputation for excellence in generator installation in Atlanta, Georgia. Whether the project involves hooking up a small residential generator or a large-scale industrial generator installation, we have the experience and qualifications to make sure the project goes smoothly and ensure you have a safe, reliable backup power source.

Choose Armstrong Specialties for Your Atlanta Generator Installation

Investing in a generator will fulfill your emergency power needs whenever your main source of electricity isn’t available. When you want experienced installers and competitive pricing, contact Armstrong Specialties.

Get your estimate for generator installation in Atlanta, GA, from Armstrong Specialties by calling (678) 386-4833 today.

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